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    Some of this may work in France, but it DOES NOT work in the U.S. I have had reports of death threats sitting there for two weeks!!! TWO WEEKS! And no matter how revolting and explicit a page is that I report as sexually explicit, or how often I report a troll for cyberstalking me wherever I post, Facebook REFUSES to remove these pages. I am LIVID at their lack of concern for their account holders. I feel as though I am being abused twice whenever I report anything. I can’t even begin to tell you how upsetting this is. I’m hoping someone will file a class action lawsuit against Facebook for violating their own guidelines, and intentionally letting people be abused.

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    Well done Fevirer for writing this.

    I sent an email to the law enforcement one as I was trying to close down the account of my Mum who died recently.

    On Facebok I actually did find a “Bereavement Officer” link, clicking the link I was informed that it only works in certain regions. At a guess I’d say that is the USA only….
    So for us in Europe, if our mothers or daughters die we can just get lost. It really is upsetting.

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    Hi I’ve a problem that my account was disabled, while I don’t actually know why this happened, I’m trying to use the contact us link to make an appeal, it asks me for my name, birthdate and account mobile number or E-Mail.

    Whenever I try to add my phone number associated to the disabled account I face the below error shown in the screenshot that this number is not associated to any account, and they ask for valid mail, while I don’t have e-mail associated to this account and I provided the phone number, so till now I can’t even make an appeal.

    Please help me to get back my account ASAP as I really need it to contact my friends.

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    Hello Rudy Viard
    I’ve got security check few days before. there was just one number to verify I’ve that sim card. But I couldn’t get confirmation code. Even I had contact to my sim provider help center. Then I tried my number to another account. Now there is no option to verify. I have completely access to recover my account. I’ve tried anything whatever I can do to read on facebook help center or you article. But it is not helpful for me yet. Nor I got any reply from facebook. Please suggest me what should I have to now. I can show the screenshot of this problem.
    Thanks & Regards
    Azlan Shah

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