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  1. klgrube dit :

    Some of this may work in France, but it DOES NOT work in the U.S. I have had reports of death threats sitting there for two weeks!!! TWO WEEKS! And no matter how revolting and explicit a page is that I report as sexually explicit, or how often I report a troll for cyberstalking me wherever I post, Facebook REFUSES to remove these pages. I am LIVID at their lack of concern for their account holders. I feel as though I am being abused twice whenever I report anything. I can’t even begin to tell you how upsetting this is. I’m hoping someone will file a class action lawsuit against Facebook for violating their own guidelines, and intentionally letting people be abused.

  2. Moriety dit :

    Well done Fevirer for writing this.

    I sent an email to the law enforcement one as I was trying to close down the account of my Mum who died recently.

    On Face Book I actually did find a “Bereavement Officer” link, clicking the link I was informed that it only works in certain regions. At a guess I’d say that is the USA only….
    So for us in Europe, if our mothers or daughters die we can just get lost. It really is upsetting.

    • Rudy Viard Rudy Viard dit :

      Could you share the article on Facebook ? That would really help

      • Moriety dit :

        Theresa Margaret Rowe, born in the end of, but during WW2 , 1944, and
        whilst my Grandad did his job from 39-45, to restore democracy and
        honour to Europe. (He fought from 39-45, and fought in all 3 British
        branches of the British Armed Forces during our war)

        My Mum finally went onto facebook shortly before she died.
        Honour her by removing her from FB.

        wish I could show a piccie of her grinning as a little child of 3
        months being thrown into the air by my equally grinning Grandad in his
        REME uniform during that war.

        Face Book: Just let us remove our
        loved ones, we all just have a short life, but when they are gone,
        decorum is needed, you don’t even have a contact point for us Europeans.
        Not on.

  3. Asi dit :

    I am from south africa and none of those emails went through however the is this one Press@fb.com that went through.

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