how to contact facebook phone

How to Contact Facebook by Phone?

How to contact Facebook by phone ? Here is the list of phone numbers available to contact the Facebook customer support. Note : Trying to contact Facebook by phone could be totally vain and useless depending on your problem.

How to contact Facebook by phone

Call Facebook : In the article « How to contact Facebook » you will find all the ways to contact Facebook by mail and email. However here are the phone numbers available if you really want to try to call Facebook.µ

I have not tested all of them and some of these phone numbers are entirely automated (answering machines), some others are certainly just too old or are myths. Last but not least, some numbers redirect to Facebook customer support divisions but will not answer by phone to your specific questions (ex : you will hardly find technical support by phone but business inquiries or copyright problems might get an answer).

how to contact facebook phone

These numbers are possibly located in foreign countries and could be paying numbers :

The phone number of Facebook in the United States : +16505434800

The corporate phone number of Facebook in the corporate in the United States :
Fax: +16505434801
Fax: +16504728007

Facebook Ireland phone number: +353 (0)1 653 5373

Contact Facebook Ads support by phone

The customer service phone number for Facebook Ads in the United States :
Fax: +16505434801

The phone number to contact the Facebook Intellectual Property Rights services : +16505434800
Fax : +16505606293

The phone number of Faceboook in Ireland (Facebook customer support for Facebook Ads ?) :
+353 (0)1 653 5373

Dedicated Facebook marketing and commercial teams can help you (they helped me getting back banned fanpages). If you are an media agency and an important customer of Facebook’s advertising program, don’t hesitate to ask for this VIP support.

Contact Facebook Intellectual Property Staff by phone

Phone number: +16505434800