Tweet Adder Crashes ?

Tweet Adder crashes all the time, this is no big news. But there is a way to stop Tweet Adder from crashing. As the full automation of the follow / unfollow process has disappeared from Tweet Adder 4.0, you have to do it manually but everytime you want to follow a couple of users, you get crashes and crashes again. To prevent Tweet Adder from crashing, there is really simple solution, one just had to think about it.

Another crash on Tweet Adder

The problem comes from the loading of the user’s photos (which is not really useful by the way as I don’t use the photo as a criteria for my targeting), you just need to go in the Settings then tick the box « Load Twitter profile images ». And that’s it!

You can now continue spamming people as before. Just kidding, but do not forget to use Tweet Adder carefully to target precise people and not to send random follow request. It’s not good for your credibility and you will not get the expected results. So your Tweet Adder is crashing everytime you use it? Just watch the video

Tweet Adder crashed ? You are not alone

Tutorial / How to stop Tweet Adder from crashing