Facebook Email Addresses

What email addresses to contact Facebook ? Discover all available email addresses for Facebook.

Facebook email addresses

The list of Facebook email contacts:

Email on the Facebook Registrar page: domain@fb.com (blocked)
Email of Help Desk: helpdesk@fb.com (blocked)

Contact Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg : write to mark.zuckerberg@fb.com and mzuckerberg@fb.com (0 credibility)
Contact for financial issues (problems, refund / repayment of Facebook credit): platformcs@support.facebook.com (should work)
Contact for Press service / Facebook PR: press@fb.com (should work)
Contact for problems related to advertising: advertise@fb.com(should work)
Contact for problems related to intellectual property : ip@fb.com (should work)
Contact for legal department : records@facebook.com et subpoena@facebook.com (should work)
Contact to ask for your personal data : datarequests@fb.com(verified)
Contact if you are a designer / artist / illustrator and want to show your creations for the stickers marketplace and Facebook messenger chat : stickers@fb.com(verified)

info@facebook.com (does not work anymore)
warning@facebook.com (does not work anymore)
login@facebook.com (does not work anymore)
disabled@facebook.com (does not work anymore)
privacy@facebook.com (does not work anymore)
support@facebook.com (does not work anymore)
appeals@facebook.com (does not work anymore)

In most cases, you will receive automatic answers to your questions.

However in case of dispute or suspension of your account, contacting Facebook by email is a must do to get an answer.

You will quickly understand that email is not the best way to contact Facebook.

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